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Expert's Corner: Videos and multi-language

Dec 5 2022
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

One of the challenges of video communication is multilingual communications. And more when we are creating videos in real time or we simply do not have the customer's preference in the database.

The 1to1video video customization platform incorporates the Language variable and manages it intelligently to adapt to any communication need in this regard. Both at the level of locution and visualization of the variables integrated in the video.


For western languages and for more complex proposals such as Chinese, Arabic or Cyrillic.


A tailored solution

The 1to1video video personalization platform has the functionality to handle languages in a very agile way and fully integrated within the personalization flow.

The management of this variable can be approached from two different points of view depending on the information available:



The recipient's language is known

If the database already has the information, a variable is created in the project where the language and its behavior are specified for each user.

With this information, during the design of the campaign, the texts and locutions are created in all the necessary languages and the platform is in charge of including it in the personalized video for each recipient.

The result is a personalized video with the data of each recipient that is read and heard in their language.

🌟Is there a language limit to include on the platform? No. There is no limit. You can carry out campaigns with 2, 3, 10 or 20 languages if the database requires it.



The language of the recipient is NOT known or the option is to be given

In customizations via API, the user can be asked directly for the language they prefer to view their video.

It is placed in the information collection form for the video, and once it is recognized by the API, it is inserted into the video and the entire story is personalized according to the selected language profile. It is important to close the proposals, so that the languages are a concrete selection in a combo of default alternatives.

Language selection can also be made “in video”. The 1to1video personalization video platform allows the creation of an initial, interactive scene, which proposes the selection of the language in which the rest of the communication is to be displayed.

The platform saves the language selection, which allows integrating this data into the campaign and customer behavior report.

🌟 Can I announce the names in different languages? The 1to1video platform allows you to customize the language of the voiceover, the variables included in the video, and any label or text that is included in the creativity. For names, dates or places, 1to1video proposes a prior review to identify the most common or repeated values in the database to focus on them.

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