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Video Experiences

“We are experts in creating video communication
with results"

This new and revolutionary technology lets large organizations create individually-personalized videos quickly, seamlessly and easily, boosting engagement and loyalty throughout the customer life cycle.

In a moment where communications effectiveness is declining due to the increase of messages and the limited attention capacity of our customers, adding the effectiveness of personalisation to the power of video delivers outstanding results.

Personalized Videos

Personalization 5X the impact of communications.

We take advantage of all the communication capacity of video, with the hook and relevance of personalization. In an easy, simple, fast way and adapted to all pockets. Here you have more information.

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Video Enterprise AI

Video creation platform using generative AI.

The world of multimedia composition is one that is having the greatest impact in terms of the use and exploitation of AI. 

Our solution is the first automated video AI generation platform for companies. Secure, fast, multilingual, and easy to use, and can also be combined with applications such as Sora, Sintheisa, Midjourney or similar.

From a secure corporate environment, taking into account the company's Brand book and its main documentary sources. Take advantage of the full potential of Lucas, our AI model to generate company videos.

Branding and differentiation

Provide a ‘trusted advisor’ service to customers to differentiate your company in a commoditized environment.

Multiply the conversion of your campaigns on social networks by 3.

The main challenge in digital advertising is getting them to see you. The second, that they pay attention to you...

For the first, the formula is to segment and spend enough to be seen. But for the second, you have to be creative and relevant.

We create dynamic videos that personalize creativity to enhance Growth or Awarness campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

We take advantage of all the segmentation potential of these networks and create the best impact with a direct, personalized and response-ready video.



We are leaders in video customization at European level


Our customized video technology generates more than 25 million videos per year in more than 30 countries and in 20 different languages


We work with clients in Spain and also in Brazil, Austria, France and the United Kingdom

1. Business and Communication Planning:

Together, we review your business goals and how a personalized movie can address them. We discuss optimal distribution channels (email/SMS/MMS/web, etc.) and various profile-raising activities for the personal video, such as a integrated email, advertising or web promotions.

2. Movie Creation:

Hand by hand with the client, a creative team produces the movie or animation adapted to the 1to1 video plattform. As a guideline, it typically takes about eight weeks from concept to final production.

3. CRM Data Integration:

Clients provide the customer data that will be integrated in the videos (personalised texts, illustrations or animations), while natural personalized voice narration ensures that each customer knows the video is uniquely his/hers.

4. Interaction

5. Distribution:

Personalized videos are securely delivered to your customers via email, to mobile phones or to any web destination through the regular client plattforms.

6. Analytics and optimisation:

Simple and accurate analytics are delivered, including how many people opened or watched the videos, how long they watched, and how frequently. Conclusions are used for optimisation of regular campaigns.

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A video is worth more than a million words.
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