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The insurance industry is looking to communicate clearly, educationally and transparently. However, over 75% of millennials want information that’s continuous, personalised and always accessible. Video customisation makes it possible to improve the customer experience and bring it to new generations of consumers.

Portfolio Engagement

Personalized experience for each customer

The best way to provide a memorable experience is to exceed customer expectations.

At 1to1video we turn every moment of truth into a personalized experience, combining Video, data and interaction. Both for direct clients and for intermediate clients.

From the sales phase, through Welcome, renewal comms, claims management, cross-selling or upgrade proposals.

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Qualify, quote and sale

Can you imagine multiplying the qualification % of your current campaigns by 3X? Interactive stories are a very effective way to qualify customers.

Do you need to know their age, their profession, their purchasing reasons? Ask it while telling a story and you will have 40% data capture, which will help you boost your conversion funnels.

And if what you are looking for is direct sales, automate the follow up of your quotations with personalized videos and add closing buttons, connect each client with their channel or advisor, and achieve closing percentages up to 30% higher than the current ones.

Sales support

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Car renewal example

Explanatory video of the car renewal conditions. It includes variables that change the message depending on the increase, the modality, the channel, or the customer segment.

At the end, it includes a TNPS assessment question.

Click here to see the results of this video.


Welcome to your Health insurance

Example of welcome to Asisa health insurance. In this case, it is the welcome to a self-employed client. The video includes a reminder of the reasons for hiring, as well as a cross-selling proposal.

Click here to see more details of this success story.

Web sales activation

Shopping cart recovery example for auto insurance.

3D video, with endearing characters of the brand, who recommended to each client the modality with the highest percentage of propensity to purchase.

Click here to see more details of this success story.

Car quote video

This video was used by the company Farmers, a subsidiary of Zurich in the USA, to automatically track car quotes.

In a product in which the margin (approx. €10/12) does not allow you to follow up with a seller, automating the follow-up of quotes with personalized videos achieved a 40% increase in sales.

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A video is worth more than a million words.
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