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Enjoy the trip!

Traveling is, without a doubt, a pure experience. Decide on a destination, prepare the trip, enjoy the route, on foot, by plane or by motorhome, enjoy the stay, from a 5-star hotel to a mountain resort, learn new customs, meet people...

Travel It's a wonderful experience, and the personalized video helps you enjoy it even more.

Acquire new customers

Use the power of personalization to capture and qualify sales. Multiply the sales ratio by 5X. Whether with dynamic videos on Facebook or Instagram, or with a real time personalized destination advisor, or with a newsletter with proposals in personalized video format with destinations adapted to the tastes and preferences of each traveler.

Unique Experiences

Personalized and interactive communication allows you to create unique experiences for every trip. The personalized & interactive video combined with digital channels and chats, allows businesses in the tourist sector to expand each customer's experience, from the moment of booking, to the return at home.

Build Loyalty

Building loyalty means exceeding the expectations of each customer so that they come back, so that they repeat. In the tourism sector, loyalty is achieved at any moment of contact with the customer. Creating personalized stories, allowing customers to use their photos or video, surprising them with personalized details of their stay is the key to success.

Thank you to be our best partner

Building Loyalty B2B.

Personalized thank you video from Delta Airlines to its network of travel agencies and corporate travel collaborators. The video obtained fantastic link results and a significant increase in sales. Thanks to @Idomoo.

Select your next holidays destination

Re activation of travelers.

50,000 personalised videos aimed at reactivating past customers who have a travel history with the company but who have yet to book for 2016.

We're waiting for you!

Unique experience example.

Can you imagine making a reservation for your favorite park and receiving a personalized confirmation? Start enjoying the experience before you travel.

Exclusive Benefits just for Members

Exemple of B2C Loyalty Program

Welcome Onboard! As a member of our Loyalty club you have special advantages & benefits, designed just for you.

Choose your favorite restaurant

Exemple of unique experience

Personalized video recommendation in real time, based on the information collected in a form and activation of filters, on the web.

Interactive emailing

Conversion example

A common way to boost sales with massive emailing campaigns. Poor results and large volume of impacts in each action. This example proposes an email with customer interaction so that they can select a destination and see their personalized offer.

Thanks to stay in our hotel

Example of Experience and Loyalty

Thank you video sent by the hotel to its clients. The hotel sends a link to a page where the client can upload several photos of their stay and the video is created by joining the pre-recorded images of the hotel with those recently uploaded by the client.

I'm interested in seeing a demo

A video is worth more than a million words.
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