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Livechat. New communication tools

Oct 25 2021
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

Customer service and user experience are, today, two key factors for a successful relationship between a company and consumers. During the pandemic, the interaction between the two was really difficult; a panorama that has served to turn communication tools towards live chats. If you do not know their potential, today we will tell you what they consist of!

What are Live Chats?

Live Chats or live chats are commercial applications or web pages that function as a space for communication. Through them, a current or potential customer can start a conversation with a real person and not with a machine.

The latter is what happens in another of the communication tools that have gained popularity in recent times; the chatbots. In them, there is no person managing them, but they are based on artificial intelligence.

For this precise reason, although they are aimed at solving various problems in an effective way and may manage to achieve it, errors and inconsistencies also occur that would not occur if it were a person. After all, empathy is a human characteristic that a machine cannot imitate.

The main advantage offered by communication tools such as Live Chats is the possibility of reinforcing the existing link between the organization and the consumers who contact it. In the case of potential clients, the capture and channeling of these towards the company's products and services is facilitated. And if it is current customers, what is achieved is to strengthen the relationship, to guide it towards loyalty.

How do these communication tools work?

Live Chats appear on web pages that have them embedded as an automatic pop-up window. They are usually placed in the lower right corner so that they do not interfere with viewing the site's content. Its role is to act as an available suggestion, in the event that the visitor has any questions that they do not know how to resolve.

On the other hand, since the visitor enters the page on their own initiative, there is a greater predisposition to receive this form of contact as positive. It is neither invasive nor affects navigation. It is only shown as an open door to communication with a person and that allows you to obtain a personalized response in real time.

If we return to its benefits, in addition to strengthening the relationship, with these communication tools it is possible to increase the capture rate, since it allows these visitors to become prospects or potential clients that fit the characteristics of our clients.

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