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Personalised video boosts the tourism industry

Sep 4 2019
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

In an ultra-competitive environment, with easy access to discounted offers, travel portals and accommodation and flight comparators, companies in this sector need highly effective communication tools, which allow them not only to personalise messages but also to learn from each sending.

  • More than 95% of large companies which sell tour packages believe that personalisation improves customer relationships (Source: Evergage)
  • Nearly 60% of tourists believe that brands should customise their shopping experience based on their personal preferences, behaviours and previous choices (source: Think with Google).
  • More than 80% of customers in this sector expect relevant information and recommended products according to their personal preferences (source: Sabre Personalization Report).
  • 36% of users are more likely to pay a higher price for travel experiences which are based on their own behaviour profiles (source: Think with Google).

The travel and tourism industry in general has undergone a radical change in recent years.

It is a growing industry, with increases in the volume of tourists in the world: from 400 million in 1990 to almost 1500 million in 2017. And an increase in spending. For example, in Europe the sector moved 450 billion euros in 2017 and it is estimated that the figure will grow to almost 550 billion euros in 2027. For this industry, then, there is no indication of a long-term slowdown.

The digital transformation of the sector has multiplied the actors, has increased the offer and the client now has access to a lot of information at the same time so that they can quickly choose their final destination. There is no doubt that the online environment has revolutionised the sector. As a result of this increase, the struggle to capture travellers' attention has become much more complex.

How can companies in this industry stand out against this panorama? How can they attract the attention of the target at the right time? What is the most effective way to address customers and potential travellers? How to get the purchase and establish a lasting relationship?

The answer is to have an effective communication strategy, based on two aspects. The first is to know the potential customer well, to impact them at the right time, through the appropriate channel, the second is to use communication which is surprising. Communication which combines creativity and personalisation.

However, according to recent data from Evergage, only one-third of marketing professionals believe that the travel and tourism industry has reached a satisfactory level of implementation of creativity and customisation mechanisms. There is still a long way to go.


Personalise effectively

Adapting the message to each potential client involves having a communication platform which allows personalising messages automatically and distributing them through any channel.

Video has proven to be the tool which best combines personalisation and creativity. The union of the video format with customer data in the form of personalised video is the combination which generates the best conversion rates.

The statistics of the video format are spectacular and don’t leave much room to consider other alternatives:

  • 2/3 of people view content in video format when they think about their next trip.
  • More than half rely on the video to be inspired by the type of trip to take.
  • 65% watch videos to choose a destination.
  • More than half watch videos to decide which accommodation to book.
  • And finally, 2/3 of travellers watch videos when they are already at their destination, looking for ideas for activities and experiences.

Forbes said in an article that "Personalized Video Content Can Be The Marketing Breakthrough Brands Need"


Successful applications of Video Personalisation in the Tourism sector

One of the keys to the success of this format is the ability to mix data collected in real time with already-defined video templates.

Responses to a form, clicks on a booking button, tracking cookies on a web page, consulting an online price... are different moments of data collection which can be included in real time to personalise messages.

The most common applications for the sector are the acquisition of new customers, the linking of regular travellers, the activation of non-active customers and the increase in the value of bookings.

The technology of video customisation of 1to1video increases the possibility of conversion by more than 30%.