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Engaged to videos games !

Jun 14 2019
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

The video games sector exploits the potential of video personalisation to improve the connection with its players.

The huge volume of users is accompanied by rapid technological evolution and an enormously varied multi-device environment. Today, gamers have an uncountable number of offers at the product level, which is constantly being renewed and updated. Users certainly have a lot to choose from.

The gaming world is the ideal scenario for boosting recruitment and engagement policies, and this has become its most important priority, for which real time personalised videos are proving to be a very good solution.

Video personalisation to enhance the gamers’ experience. 

As a business, video games have already overtaken other leisure industries. Billions of euros are invested into developing the games platforms that are being integrated into different devices. There is a high level of supply, as demand is growing at an exponential rate.  

The devices on which the games were developed vary from a portable computer, a video games console, a smartphone, and even television sets.

The market is enormous and the need to retain the gamer, the player, by offering them a superior user experience is becoming increasingly necessary.

The video games companies invest resources in creating attractive “user experiences”, or “player experiences”, as they are aware that the player has such a vast choice of games before him/her that they are very likely to change. Changing is easy, quick and, sometimes, cheaper.

This is a market where an intense battle is being fought for the gaming time that a player gives to one game or another. Apart from cost, there are no barriers that are so important to prevent the deletion of one game and the installation of another. Simple processes and multiple platforms with a very well-crafted user experience.

Improving the user’s playing experience is of vital importance throughout this environment.

Use of the personalised video in gaming

This user experience is the number one priority. Various posts have already outlined the strong points of the video format and the added value of personalisation.

What are the specific uses in which the power of the video personalisation platform can be applied to the world of video games?  

  • Creation of a personalised history using data from the games stored on the game platform’s own servers.
  • Creation of real time video experiences by collecting data through forms, clicks or apps. The power of the 1to1 video personalisation platform using Idomoo technology allows you to view a message with your own data.
  • Creation of campaigns to attract players through dynamic videos on Facebook and Instagram, which take advantage of the segmentation data and the profile of each user on the network.
  • Promoting third party publicity in the game itself, incorporating personalised data for each player.

Recently, various internationally successful video games platforms have created personalised communications for their players in order to amaze them and to strengthen their links with the game. The video personalisation platform has created dozens of millions of videos by using the player’s gameplay data during the game.

The technological challenge of the video personalisation platform

The video games world has a triple challenge in their communications gradient with their players: a huge volume which is experiencing exponential growth, and which requires huge amounts of communications, immediate communication and delivery, whether through email or from within the same app.

On a technological level, the abilities of the 1 to 1 video platform with Idomoo technology provide you with a great deal of power for running the different communication campaigns.

These abilities consist of a set of perfectly integrated outputs and functions:

  • Ability to automate processes for rendering / generating millions of videos with 100% efficiency.
  • Generating videos in real time. An immediate process for capturing data and including it in a video.
  • Total connectivity of the video personalisation platform with different sources of data, from a CRM to an in-app link.
  • Great flexibility in the delivery. Different possibilities for integrating messages: email, sms and within the proprietary app itself, in the case of mobile devices.


The video games sector is thriving. Its image is that of a sector which is constantly evolving, with technological innovation as its priority.

At the same time, the huge volume of players means that achieving fluidity in communications is only possible with platforms that are very technologically advanced, which are able to offer a superior performance and make an impact with their messages.

Personalised videos form part of the communications strategy of many businesses within different sectors. They have proved their above-average effectiveness in vertical marketing whose public has been amazed by the innovative format for messages about products that are intrinsically much less attractive than a computer game.

In all its vastness, the leisure sector is the new territory where video personalisation has begun to demonstrate its possibilities. In gaming, the possibility of offering the player a superior experience is turning it into a very successful solution, and the big companies within the sector are already using it as part of their strategies.


Autores / By:

Enric Vidal  [Linkedin Profile]

Jordi Sabater [Linkedin Profile]

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