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Facebook strengthens personalized videos

Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

Mark Zuckerberg proves his commitment to this innovative format with his last celebration.

Mark Zuckerberg announced proudly how Facebook was still beating records. Reaching 2 billion online users wasn’t the only achievement, 175 million users share love reactions daily and almost 800 million like or comment a post. Facebook’s groups are used monthly by a billion users too.

Unique celebration using personalized videos

Facebook’s founder pointed out “We are launching a personalized video to celebrate bringing the world closer together. You may see your video in your News Feed or by visiting  facebook.com/goodaddsup

Personalized videos on Facebook

This social network has already proved many times its support to this format. Due to the user’s profile information and photos, Facebook is able to produce a very attractive product.

In this case, 1to1video is offering 2 possibilities of video personalization through Facebook.

On one hand, Facebook Ads integration with our platform opens a whole new horizon as we are able to use its segmentation capabilities to produce a personalized video for each of this segments.

Options are almost as infinite as attractive for our customers. Thanks to this new feature, we can show a different video to each of the selected targets: for example, female or male, age, interests, etc... alone or combined.

On the other hand, 1to1video and its partner's technology give us the possibility to create videos which take into account who are they headed to, not only changing the text but also the graphic content, like images,  from user's profile.