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Personalized videos and events

Jan 13 2020
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

Today, videos at events are essential to attract the attention of the public and to transmit messages in a pleasant, entertaining, clear and impressive way. Adding personalization makes the effect even more impressive.

We can say that the most important tool of our century is the audiovisual. This is something we cannot ignore if we want to connect with our audience.

Why are videos so important at events?

Making videos for different events carried out by brands has a series of added advantages.


Competition is now increasing in all market sectors. Having corporate and quality audiovisual material is a great option to differentiate ourselves and stand out among the companies in the sector.


As for the event itself, the video works as a kind of invitation card. The promotional video that we launch to attract attendees, serves to capture the attention of users, and create interest and expectation. But the material published from previous events will also help us to make the current one more attractive. Those who do not know the brand, will probably investigate about us to know what kind of events we usually do, what is the atmosphere, how it is developed, what is offered, etc.

The implementation of personalized videos as an invitation already accumulates some very relevant success stories.


Of course, all audiovisual content must be consistent with the company's brand image, transmit its values and be in line with the type of communication that is usually used. That is why it is important to leave this task in the hands of professionals who know how to transmit the idea we want to express and who provide us with high quality material. This will also project an image of the company of seriousness and reliability.


Each video made becomes part of the contents of the company's website, thanks to which users can get to know us a little better and feel interested in attending upcoming events.

How to use video for events

Videos at events can be used in different ways. Depending on the characteristics and importance of the event, we will focus on one or more of the phases. We can also cover all the options if we need to promote the event in style.

1. Before the event

The promotional video starts before the event takes place. It is very effective in arousing expectation among the attendees, and generating interest in those who are not yet clear about it. On the other hand, they can be shared very easily, so it also helps to increase visibility. This type of video can be raised in three ways:

  • Save the date. The purpose of this format is to announce the date of the event. They are very short, dynamic and visual videos that can end with a call to action so that the viewer subscribes to a newsletter, follows us on social networks, makes a reservation or requests information.
  • Bumpers. The ideal way to publish a simple, easy to remember, direct message. They are short, about 20 seconds at most and are perfect for sharing on social networks, where the user's attention is quite dispersed.
  • Teaser. Teasers are used to make a brief summary of what attendees will find at the event. They generate expectation and attract a lot of attention.
  • And with the personalized video? At the NAB Show, the video made by our partner Idomoo was customized to the recipient's company and position, the fact of having come to the NAB Show previously and the suggestions about presentations that could be attended based on the professional profile were customized.

2. During the event

One of the objectives of videos at events is to get people talking about it, either by word of mouth or on the Internet. Offering videos at the event itself gives us the possibility to create digital spaces to talk and share sensations and opinions, and this can contribute to increase brand awareness and user experience. There are several possible ways to do this.

  • Streaming video. Live videos are highly appreciated by users and are usually very successful. This is because it generates a greater connection and allows users to be part of the event and enjoy it as if they were attending. On the other hand, the live video serves to humanize the brand and gain the trust of potential customers. What you see is what you get, without cheating or cardboard.
  • Videos for presentations. Throughout the development of the event, the video is a great ally as support material to illustrate the talks, lectures, tributes, etc. It can be an educational video, a compilation of the best moments, a summary of the history of the brand, etc. Inserting a video during the event helps to make it enjoyable, as well as awakening the public's interest and making it easier to remember.
  • And what does videopersonalization offer? The possibility of personalizing the video in real time allows you to create presentations very quickly. Thus, in the presentations of an event aimed at a specific audience, videos made at that time and with interesting data entered at that time can be shown. Capturing attention is essential!

3. After the event

The audiovisual work does not end when the event is over. We can still do more to boost our brand and get more people to know us. What do we have left?

  • Edited video of the event. The post-event video that almost all the spectators are waiting for cannot be missing either. This type of video requires good editing and post-production work so it is advisable to contact a professional agency. Scenes from the main theme of the event have to be combined with the reactions, emotions and interactions of the guests. In order for the video to be interesting for future events, it must be presented in an attractive and emotional way that reflects the essence and the atmosphere that the guests enjoyed. Recording those moments on video provides the company with valuable content and an interesting documentary archive of the event. Even, with the proper diffusion, it can serve to recover the investment we have made for its production.
  • Complete conferences. If the event is going to have professional conferences and talks, it is important to record them in full. The Internet is a source of training and learning for many users, so uploading this type of content to some video platform can be very useful for interested people. Any user who is doing searches on that particular topic, can get to the video and, by the way, get to know our brand.
  • What about personalized videos? Once the event is over and we have the data of the attendees, etc... it is possible to make individualized summaries.


Conclusion: In most events, the organizers pursue one goal: the response of the attendee, in the form of attendance or interaction. The way of communicating is very important and the articulation of an attractive and personalized message helps the response to be greater.