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The power of video with the effectiveness of personalization

What are personalised videos

The personalized videos made by 1to1video with Idomoo's technology represent a technological revolution.

In a quick and easy way, unique videos are created for each client, with a high degree of personalization and integrating personal data and specific offers.

The service offered by 1to1video includes all phases of the process, from advice on the optimal definition of the objectives in each campaign in which this new technology is used to the final production of the video, delivering the product totally personalized and ready to be sent to each of the recipients.

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Overview: What can be done with personalized videos?

This technology allows our clients to create customized videos quickly, transparently and easily. This promotes loyalty, engagement and brand loyalty throughout the customer's life cycle, creating a unique shopping experience.

The statistics and results prove it: the sum of the effectiveness of personalisation and the power of video delivers excellent results.

Some indicators of success in personalized video campaigns:

  1. The average attention time in email messages with a personalized video, increases by 250% compared to the same parameter in a conventional email.
  2. The average opening rate of these messages is between 35/50%, a 100% increase over advertising emails.
  3. The video is displayed for over 70% of its duration. 65% reach 90% and more than 35% watch the customised video twice.
  4. In specific cases of campaigns, the results achieved have been:
    1. 25% increase in shopping cart recovery
    2. First-time use activation greater than 100%.
    3. 20% reduction in calls to the customer service centre
    4. 24-point NPS increases

We have a complete and updated section of video marketing statistics and personalized video statistics.

At each key stage of the customer's life cycle there is a unique opportunity for your customers to experience a "Wow!" moment

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