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Video Marketing in 2017

Jan 3 2017
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

In a really dynamic and changing environment like the one we are facing, three realities are strongly emerging as main guides for those who want to communicate successfully.

First, Use the video and create good stories, Second , reach your target and shake them,  and third, personalize your messages as much as you can

This year faces us with some interesting perspectives :

1.- Technological progress in Virtual Reality, 360 degree videos, Live Streaming and Personalized Videos

  • Virtual reality is showing progress in a paused way and in very specific niches (health, gaming). The support for viewing such videos is still an obstacle, but its promotion by large players such as Facebook and Google anticipate an interesting future. As far as we are concerned, the use in video marketing is still in beta stages.
  • 360 degrees videos  show a slightly different panorama. A recent study has shown that a 360º video is visualized by 30% more people than one in standard format. Also, its content visualization until the end throws ratios of 2 to 1. Their use either in sales or product demonstration processes is becoming, step by step, very interesting. In fact, studies show that for 90% of potential customers, a video product helps in the buying decision process. However, it remains to be seen whether its vertical format, and its difficulty in seeing everything that happens in the video play in favor or end up being an impediment to its success.
  • Live video. Everything is going fast, faster. Who haven’t heard about Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram direct or Snapchat? With these formats, audience, consumers, or employees are becoming the ones to definitively generate content to be streamed or shared through the web. Bloggers and other influencers should adopt these types of formats and learn how to turn them into effective marketing tools.
  • And finally, personalized videos, the videos that are made exclusively for each client. The latest events in the sector are betting on this technology as the locomotive in the modernization of direct marketing. The possibility of incorporating multiple personalized variables into a video, in real time, already allows to serve completely personalized videos, with locution included, within seconds after filling out a form. These advances in personalization, specifically video personalization, are the main reason on which the spectacular results of opening emails, viewing and conversion are based.

2.- Video throughout the customer journey

Video format is absolutely a must in any marketing strategy. A study shows that a potential customer (up to 25%) loses interest in a brand if they do not see a video about the product / service he is considering acquiring (* 1)

And not only do you have to offer an innovative buying experience. Innovation must be present throughout the entire customer experience.

As competition is increasing, the quality of such videos is increasingly relevant than quantity. A quality that not only goes through good creativity, script or special effects but is especially relevant in the message  content, how it is transmitted and for what purpose. Quality in these videos brings more viewing time, an essential asset to provoke a reaction in the form of conversion or, better yet, engagement. And even more, a greater ROI, which uses to be the final objective of every campaign.

3.- Selling with video

Currently the potential client lives and interacts in a mature digital environment where some of the processes are already in a self-service mode. This is, in fact, a decision-making process and has to be easy, fast and safe for the client. It also requires a high level of prior information.

So, a video must be able to explain the characteristics of a product, either for a new purchase or for the renewal of a subscription service. And the information provided should be enough. And if it is concrete and personalized, this is the best possible scenario.

Technology allows us to integrate calls to action (CTA’s)  within the video, even when using custom videos. Can you imagine a personalized offer, in video format, that includes a link button to the ecommerce platform? The incorporation of the video in this part of the purchase cycle will represent most of the efforts of the companies in the near future, in part because the message is more complex and must be more direct. It must provoke a DECISION and ACTION in a consumer who sees, himself, as self-sufficient. Video is the best ally to increase the ROI of online sales campaigns.

We will continue writing about the new aspects in which video is gaining importance in the company’s marketing strategies.

The goal of this article was very simple: in the video format, the technology itself and its progress, is allowing new possibilities in marketing strategies.

Not only is an appealing format, but the message reaches better its goal and impacts more and more directly. It is the perfect combination. And the brands should use it in each and every one of the phases of the purchase cycle to guarantee the best results.



*1  Animoto 2015