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Video personalization and Facebook. Key to success.

Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

Facebook Ads and 1to1video’s video personalization integration possibilities leads acquirement, engagement and loyalty marketing to another level.

The context in which Facebook’s audience is moving is not too hard to imagine: several messages related to the user's environment mixed with an increasing amount of advertisement. Video format is preferred by the social network because it has proved to be more appealing than any other format.

A platform in which each and every one of its users share and upload information about him/her is said to have incredibly high adverting efficiency. Facebook’s audience can be classified specifically, although this distribution is constantly affected by parameters which are voluntarily introduced by the users and by their behavior in the net.

According to this, on one hand, the interaction in Facebook is very distinct forcing the media material’s percentage, specially the videos, rises incredibly fast. On the other side, the information that FB owes about its users, creates a very interesting division of the market from the advertising point of view.

From now on, Facebook is another possible channel to show, to distribute 1to1video personalized video.

There are 2 paths on mind:

What if we mix a video message with the personalization that 1to1video’s technology is able to do, while we do incorporate Facebook’s capacity to classify users, and we run it in any Facebook AD’s campaign?

We’ll have a personalized campaign. With lots of video advertisement differenced by the classification we want to make. We’ll have a different video for each classification, for each segmentation, for each target group. This kind of video personalization has more views and likes more therefore attracts more customers.

What if apart from that we manage to build personalized videos using data from the same targets almost immediately?

We’ll have a second possibility, different from the previous one. A video build using data from the same target it’s headed to. Each user will receive a different video trying to surprise and force a specific and direct response on him

These 2 options allow this integration to be seen as one of the greatest and more innovative bets of Facebook’s costumer journey, opening a whole new dimension with catchment, retention, and fidelity policies in the social commerce

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