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Videoemailing, a powerful solution to communicate in B2B

Posted by:Eduard Nadal

In 30 seconds

Since email remains a top marketing tactic, many marketers create video email marketing campaigns to reach prospective audiences. According to the results of the 2013 Online Video Marketing and Business Video Trends Survey report, 60 percent of marketers find video email and effective way to engage prospects and customers. Especially for B2B sales lead generation, video email remains a top marketing tactic

With three times as many email accounts as all of Facebook and Twitter combined, email marketing remains a top ROI channel to reach customers and prospects. For sales lead generation, creating relevant and compelling content is the single most effective email marketing tactic. McKinsey & Co found that email is 40 times more effective than social media marketing.

According to benchmark data from Ascend2, the three top goals for email marketing campaigns are:

Improving sales lead nurturing
Increasing click-through rates (CTR)
Boosting website traffic

As an accepted marketing took, video content engages audiences. Video email should be a tactic in every digital marketing plan when sending marketing, communication and sales and lead generation emails. In addition, video email marketing is a great way to alert clients and prospective customers about new products or services.

Some helpful tips to ongoing successful video email marketing include:

  • Creating quality and engaging video that contains a clear and direct call-to-action.
  • Ensuring the email subject line is short, to the point and identifies action.
  • Writing an email message that solves an issue for the intended viewer and includes an enticing snapshot of the video within the message to encourage the viewer to view.
  • Evaluating the video email campaign’s performance using both email metrics (such as email opens and email clicks) and video analytics (including video watch-to-completon and viewer response rates).
  • Leveraging the campaign data metrics to optimize and improve future video content and video email messaging.