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2019 The boom in videopersonalization

Feb 15 2019
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

Year after year video continues growing in relevance within business communication. It continues growing in use, visualisations, modes, in the capacity for integration, and above all in efficiency. 2019 will undoubtedly be the year in which personalised video or smart video will definitively take off.

Personalization and the capacity of analysis are still the macro-tendencies in business communication. The use of technology allows an audience to be attracted that is increasingly more immerse in thousands of impacts and mass and impersonal messages.

Dynamic videos to optimise the Social Media campaigns

Digital advertising increasingly needs more budget and better contents. The possibilities of impacting efficiently on the audience are becoming more and more costly.

This is why the main platforms go for video not only as the most consumed content format but also as the best support for their advertisements. The metrics show the capacity of traction of videos compared to static banners.

The personalisation of messages, making the utmost of the capacities of Customer Audiences of Facebook, especially in capture campaigns of leads and of directing traffic towards the web, multiply the CTR by 5 compared to standard campaigns or an increase by more than triple the completion rate (visualisation time of videos on FB).

The use of customised videos for different targets (known as Dynamic Video Ads) enables us to activate campaigns in A/B testing multivariable mode, which cuts the time of optimisation of the campaigns.

Video personalisation in real time.

Can you imagine being able to compile data of potential clients, via a form or via clicks, and preparing a video for them with a personalised offer? Can you imagine that the video includes a purchase button?

And if the personalisation comes from information on the Smartphone, such as location temperature, agenda …?

The possibility of personalising videos in real time and automatically opens up new times in communication, of high efficiency and linking.

For example, paying a health insurance for a potential client, mixing information from the CRM with data provided on a form. The video includes the audio necessary to work as seller and emphasise the relevant information of the project.

Or obtaining a personalised video offer for your hotel after visiting a travel web...

The fact is every buyer is unique. They have their preferences, their motivation, a shopping history that you must make the most of.

Video storytelling

The video is the natural setting for storytelling. At the end of the day, we have grown up with the cinema as our main narrator of adventures and stories.

And the experts in efficient communication have already learnt that there is nothing like a story that involves us, that is aimed at our heart and makes us respond.

Personalised videos have evolved technically and are capable of offering the client the possibility of experiencing their own story.

Because there is nothing better than the moving image of a video to tell a story, a story that can notably enrich, incorporating audience data directly from the CRM.

The personalised video is the definitive tool for optimising this storytelling.

Monitoring, data and capacities of analysis

Technology has evolved extraordinarily in the data section. Concepts such as Big Data, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have moved on from theory to practice.

The measurement and evaluation of many KPIs of the campaigns undertaken in any point of the client’s life cycle produces very satisfactory results and strengthens the importance of Customer Success Management.

In the case of personalised videos itis a proven strengthening of the effectiveness of its use in increasingly more sectors.

Everything is gauged, because being able to evaluate the effectiveness of a video marketing strategy means being able to demonstrate, with data, a satisfactory ROI.


Personalisation is one of the most efficient alternatives for reaching the consumer, attracting their attention and creating real purchasing expectations.

It is not only this, however, but also because video has now become part of the regular communication tools of companies.

A sustained integration in results obtained, which surpass those obtained with other more general and less measurable formats.  


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