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Enhancing internal communication with each employee

Use case:


Mercer intends to activate the use of the social benefits it offers to its customers' employees. A video explaining the benefits has been created, personalized by company and by employee. In addition to the explanation, the video proposes the best activation alternative per employee, based on their profile.


  • Promote the activation and use of Mercer's employee benefit programs.
  • To help companies innovate in internal communication processes.
  • Facilitate access to the benefits program.


  • Customization capacity by company, segment, employee, activation level...
  • Adaptation of the scenes to the profiles of each B2B client
  • Detailed tracking of results including clicks on the landing buttons


  • + 3X employee activation compared to traditional email
  • + 2X in the hiring of new benefits in the plan.
  • 72% of customers watch the entire video
  • 30% consult the information several times, with values of up to 60% repetition
  • More than 46% of the employees access the platform to see more information.


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