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How to use video to engage leads

Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

The difficulty of automated processes for capturing and qualifying leads is evident. Any tool that can facilitate them is of great help, not only to increase efficiency but to improve the process itself. The use of personalized videos has meant a qualitative leap in many of the key aspects.

Digital or personal?

The digitization of many of the marketing processes using technological tools and platforms has meant a decisive change in the scope of these actions.

The combination of omnichannel with the progressive sophistication of contact possibilities, and the immense volume of data generated and analyzed has improved the result in each and every one of the phases of the customer's life cycle.

Each and every one of the "moments of truth" have perfected the mechanisms and offer an experience to the potential client, and to the real client, that improves the perception of the brand, generates emotions, desire for interaction and, ultimately, favors purchase intentions.

In this environment, marketing and communication executives have become the first investors in technology applied to customers in all possible options and variants.

But not everything is rosy. The digital channel is, how could it be otherwise, “digital”. It is not human, it is not personal. These experiences have gained in speed and automation, but at the cost of being colder, more distant or difficult for interaction or dialogue between the client and the brand.

The hybrid customer experience

There are solutions that are helping companies to reduce this gap, that are managing to eliminate this distance and place themselves, at least, halfway, providing what we could call a hybrid experience.

The digital coldness versus the proximity of a very personalized experience and therefore, very close and relevant.

One of these solutions combines the communication capacity of video, with the use of customer or prospect data, the inclusion of tailored interaction, and the ability to measure and know the reaction of each customer to the communication.

In the process of capturing leads and their subsequent qualification, having the ability to personalize an offer, a response, an experience, in real time has a significant impact on its results.

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A personalized experience

For example, at the present time, when concern about the cost of energy leads many people to look for alternatives that help them save on their monthly bills.

The classic alternatives are telephone information (which we all avoid because it is complicated and insistent), or through the web, filling out a form that allows you to enter a series of data on current consumption and characteristics of the current rate to obtain information by email.

However, there are alternatives more suited to the expectations and needs of the potential customer.

Taking advantage of the same information collected in the form, a personalized advice video can be created in real time. In a few seconds, the interested party has a virtual advisor at their disposal, who explains in detail what their options are and the personalized recommendation for their specific case.

The video integrates the information and monitoring systems necessary to continue responding to the needs of each client, whether they are access to a live chat, a bot, a customer service center or links to areas with valuable digital content.


Personalized videos allow generating and integrating experiences that impact the audience, humanizing digital processes that are, by default, cold and distant.

They manage to balance the digital with the closeness of personal treatment. They add a multichannel dialogue that few formats are capable of establishing, and detailed metrics to improve in each interaction.

The use of the video format manages to exponentially improve the customer experience throughout all the "moments of truth" of the customer's life cycle, in a highly automated and secure manner.