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Keys to loyalty programs

Oct 5 2021
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

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A brand's existing customers spend more than first-time customers. For this reason alone, it is more profitable to invest in campaigns that target them, with the aim of strengthening their relationship with the company in question. To achieve this, today we give you some tips on how to work your loyalty programmes!

Why loyalty programs?

When a customer buys a brand, he does so on the principle of trust. Either because of the values it conveys or because of the quality of its products and services, the customer believes in them and obtains a positive experience. However, this satisfaction is something temporary that happens at the moment of purchase and is associated with a past moment. That is, when the purchase took place.

But when we talk about loyalty programs, the principle that is followed is that of customer loyalty. The difference is that, in this case, there is a look into the future. And not only can they connect with the values being conveyed and establish a deeper bond, but they can also become brand ambassadors. This means they will attract new customers and enhance your reputation.

But how can we develop these loyalty programs to capture their attention in an age when we are bombarded with information? Here are some suggestions!

Include personalized videos

It goes without saying that an image has a higher capacity to attract the viewer's attention than lines and lines of text. But as we have evolved from photographs to videos in today's society, loyalty programs are increasingly opting to include this type of content, as it is entertaining and allows clear and concise messages to be conveyed.

In the case of loyalty options of a certain complexity, they are perfect for explaining their features. But they also work very well to convey a sincere token of appreciation, both at the individual and company level. In other words, send personalized messages that appeal to emotions.

Offer original rewards

Loyalty programs that only consist of accumulating points based on purchases are beginning to lose their appeal, since they do not take into account customer personalization or their particular experience with the brand. To achieve this goal, you can offer products that are designed for such programs, which will acquire an exclusive character, or give gifts or special discounts on special dates, such as birthdays or Christmas holidays. The personalized videos mentioned in the previous section can also be used here.

Partner with another company

If you want to boost the attractiveness of your loyalty programs, you also have the option of creating alliances with other companies that offer products or services that can complement your own. By offering greater value, you will also increase the likelihood of increasing your current number of customers.

 Create a community

Receiving rewards or special offers increases customer satisfaction and builds customer loyalty. But there is a way to make the effect even greater, and that is to create a select community to which you can belong as a loyal customer. In addition to unique and exclusive content, offers and promotions, belonging to a group strengthens the bond even more, and is continuously reinforced among all members.

At 1to1video we are dedicated to making personalized videos with the intention of attracting customers, retaining them and taking care of them. If you want to know what we can do for you, visit our demos and contact us!