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The importance of customer feedback

Sep 10 2021
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

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Nowadays, all actions carried out by a company must be focused on the customer experience, since the main interest of the customer is in the benefits they are going to obtain. But as well as being the epicentre of your strategy, you are also interested in the feedback they can give you, given that in the information age, the opinion of customers is more valid than what an organisation can say about itself. Are your campaigns oriented towards them?

Why customer feedback is important

Customer feedback is an effective way of finding out what you are doing well and what can be improved. Their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the quality of your product or service or the overall experience they have had will give you clues as to whether to continue with your current strategy or refocus it.

Whether you are a large or small company, what your customers say about you can be key to the success of your business, because as we said in the introduction, nowadays users pay a lot of attention to what other people with no particular interests have to say. But in addition to this reason, here are some other reasons why you should not lose sight of what they say about you.


You will be able to optimise your products and services

Even if we carry out market research before launching our products and services, until your customers start using them, you will not be able to get full feedback. It is your customers' feedback that will allow you to optimise your products and services so that their experience is as positive as possible.


Measuring customer satisfaction

Since customer experience is at the centre of all your actions, knowing that customer satisfaction is high is key to achieving your objectives. Due to the number of channels we have today for communication between customers and companies, there are many ways in which we can obtain this feedback. Enabling them and being aware of them will not only allow you to obtain valuable information, but will also open another door to direct communication with your audience.


Create a link

Hand in hand with the previous point, close communication between a brand and its audience will help you to humanise your organisation. One of the reasons why companies have chosen to open profiles on social networks is because they enable quick and direct interaction. Listening to their voice is not only valid because of what they can tell you, but also because knowing that they are being listened to will greatly improve the perception of your brand and strengthen the creation of a solid bond, to the point that it favours loyalty. However, it is also a double-edged sword, due to the enormous visibility obtained in this environment.


Improved decision making

In an increasingly competitive environment thanks to digital transformation, customer feedback will give you relevant information about your brand, but also about what their current needs and expectations are.

To get feedback from your customers, you can use direct forms or set up direct communication channels, such as social media. An effective way is by creating a personalised message for those who interact with your brand, and in which you directly ask their opinion. If you want to go for a format that immediately captures the attention of your audience, at (1to1) Video we can create for you a personalised and dynamic video that you can share on social networks. Contact us for more information!