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December 14, 2017

Video Lead Generation: How to successfully acquire customers

One of the main challenges in marketing is acquiring potential customers. In an environment containing too many messages, creativity, segmentation and personalisation are the keys to consolidating an effective acquisition strategy.

Lead generation is a big part of any marketing budget since attracting good prospects is increasingly expensive. Multimedia content helps to enhance the response to these actions.


Video is an easy and educational way to share content. It makes it possible to convey key messages without the receiver needing to make any effort.

If we add to traditional video:

  • real-time personalisation capability,
  • analytical results,
  • interaction capability,
  • and integration with other communication channels,

...we will have an effective direct marketing tool to enhance lead acquisition.

BoFu or ToFu?

Video’s flexibility means it can be placed at any point in the lead generation process, either in an initial phase to collect basic information:

For example on social media, leveraging the segmentation by interests of Facebook or other traffic providers with creativity customised by segment, location, interest, device, language, etc.

Or in more advanced processes in the acquisition funnel by gathering information in real time in an online form or by following clicks to respond with a personalised video which includes this information:

For example with an insurance quote, loan calculation, estimate for a trip or instalment buying, etc.

 And if you also have customer profiles and can enrich the information with predictive acquisition models, even better. And all that in real time.

Once you’ve grabbed their attention…

The Video Lead generation strategy can be integrated as part of marketing automation processes, automatically tailoring the format, duration and messages.

Interaction with the target and the video allows a great range of possibilities in CTA, live chats or chat bots. Based on this response, you can link the strategy on video with personalised or automated follow-up.


In any video acquirement strategy, especially in inbound marketing models, you can optimise outcomes and improve interaction with your target by using an appropriate combination of creativity, personalised data and response channel.

Personalised video doubles attention to email messages, multiplies click-through rates, and significantly increases interaction with the target with continuous reporting and the ability to fine-tune and improve on the fly.

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