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Videopersonalization and customer engagement in ecommerce

Mar 9 2016
Posted by:Eduard Nadal

In 30 seconds

Currently companies should strive significantly to keep customers and attract new ones. The ecommerce, an immense virtual store without borders, thas given consumers more power than he already had.

There is no way for an inadequate price nor an unsatisfactory customer service. The customer gets his money and runs. As simple as this. No second chances.

These consumers are a challenge for online sales platforms, which have at their disposal a wide range of digital tools and technics whose use is being imposed for its effectiveness and ability to make a difference, an important difference.

However, to attract potential customers, retain existing ones and obtain a lasting relationship is another story, and obviously an even greater challenge.

Customer engagement: the main and great objective of ecommerce platforms

Over 80% of marketing executives consider that increasing the linkage with the customer is the main priority in its digital marketing strategy, even before the customer satisfaction ratio.

Moreover, the ability to engage with customers is a measure of company success because it shows how much the client wants to invest part of his time (search, comparison and possible purchase) and money in the brand.

Consumers do like to identify themselves with a brand. This linkage is more emotional than rational because of aspirational reasons, because it has values that are shareable with their surroundings or because they feel part of something unique.

Companies are creating content and campaigns to provoke an emotional response in the costumer so he can feel this connection with the brand.

And this is the main reason why video has become the most successful format in the digital world.

Moving image is really appealing and it's able to create and tell stories and these stories can create this emotional message in a few seconds. 

So, this new form of communication is leading to e-commerce platforms responsibles to redesign their digital marketing strategies.

The other important communication driver to create this kind of engagement on websites is the ability to customize the experience of each client / visitor.

The customization and delivery of a message in real time thanks to the data inclusion from a CRM  or from online forms, generates a greater emotional reaction. So, all the engagement and customer loyalty that brands are pursuing is reinforced. 

And the results are spectacular :

  • Greater attention: 2.5x Consumers spend more time watching videos that include customized information
  • Greater response: 75-95% ratio of click to play customized videos
  • More links: NPS increases above 10%

And we can go even much further. Cookies provide necessary data for retargeting as message can be customized. Doing this a more emotional answer will we reinforced and therefore will be more likely to achieve the desired conversion.

If we link to these capabilities the marketing automation tools, we have the new successful platform to enhance customer engagement in the digital environment.

The personalized video allows e-commerce platforms to enhance and automate experiences and communications, in real-time and absolutely tailored to each brand, to each customer, to each  segment, or to each product.

Enric Vidal Alsina, Director  @1to1video

Jordi Sabater Domènech, Business Development   @1to1video