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Loyalty strategies for gaming

Nov 6 2019
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

In 30 seconds

The gaming sector is one of the most popular at present. Video games are attracting more and more people and platforms are adapted to this type of content to encourage creators to choose this path.

Within the world of gaming, both professional players and indie video game companies use videos to reach users and get them loyal.

New client attraction processes are very important, but loyalty processes are much more important.

What to do within your loyalty strategy in gaming

Work on content but also on the continent

Content is important in order to develop a strategy, it must have quality. Starting with a minimum of quality is essential and as important as getting better over time, but the continent is the basis for it to work.

When we talk about the continent we are referring to the decisions to be taken on how to launch our content to users. Choose the right platform, create a short and long term plan and have sufficient means to carry out the project.

Personalized videos have brought an air of novelty and disruption to the gaming sector.

Take care of the content

We must take into account whether the content will be broadcast live or will be released later after a previous edition. Knowing the tools we are going to work with is essential. A correct edition as well as a quality sound is essential to build user loyalty.

In addition, we must bear in mind that users who consume this type of content are already accustomed to a specific quality. In order to live up to expectations, the first thing we have to do is to study the competition. See what kind of users we want to attract to know what they expect from us.

In the case of personalized videos, the process implies high quality standards.

Work on the relationship with users

Depending on the type of audience we are addressing, we must choose a language. In the world of gaming it is a colloquial language, but we should not take it lightly. If we want to be professional we must address the users in a cordial way.

It is at this moment that we would also be building a brand image, so that users will recognize the way we communicate with them.

The case of the personalized video recapitulation of the season in Fortnite has broken the standards and has meant a before and after in this relationship.

Innovating and creating your own style

It's not something we get at first. One's own style forms the brand image. It's what we want users to remember us for, what they identify with us.

It is important to differentiate ourselves from the competition in order to offer something different but that follows the lines of what is most consumed. Building player loyalty is a long-distance race, but we can start from the beginning.

Choosing the most played games that have more visitors in the channels of the competition will bring us the first visits. We will be securing an audience from the first minute. We just have to show them what we can offer that brings them something different or better than the competition.



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