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The importance of customer experience in the loyalty process

Feb 9 2022
Posted by:Jordi Sabater

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Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than retaining the current portfolio. For this reason, today, in highly competitive environments thanks to digital transformation and with tight budgets due to economic and social instability, the loyalty process takes center stage in the strategy of any company. But how to carry it out?

What does the loyalty process consist of?

The customer loyalty process consists of developing a link between the customer and the company itself, so that there is a connection that goes beyond simple interest or sympathy for the products or services it offers.

In order for a customer to be loyal to a brand, it is necessary to develop a series of continuous interactions that take place over time. So that trust can grow between both parties. However, these must use the appropriate channels, adjust to the characteristics of the customer profile and not be intrusive, since not following these guidelines could have the opposite effect.

As we said, carrying out a loyalty process involves a lower investment, both in time and costs, than the process of acquiring a potential customer. However, this is not the only reason why you should invest in it.

A loyal customer makes regular purchases without having to invest in frequent reminders, but can also become a brand ambassador, with recommendations to family and friends. Also, it allows sales forecasting, by being able to study the frequency of purchases and the average outlay, and it is a reliable source for improvement, since a loyal customer is more willing to make suggestions and provide feedback when asked.

The customer experience in the loyalty process

But in order to carry out the loyalty process, it is necessary to consider different actions that can guarantee the pursued objective. For this, the customer experience is used, which refers to the way in which the customer and the company relate throughout the entire purchase process. This includes marketing and sales actions, but also customer service and any other interaction that takes place between both parties.

Talking about customer experience goes beyond a series of campaigns that aim to arouse their interest and lead them towards the purchase of products and services. In order to create the bond that we mentioned, it is essential to appeal to emotions and feelings.

When a brand is presented to its regular and potential customers, the emphasis is no longer solely on the quality of the product in question, but on its adaptation to their profile and on the representation of specific values. In this way, the client identifies with the vision of the brand and sees himself in it. Thus, it is not a preference for what he offers, but a choice based on deeper values. The question is, how is the loyalty process achieved through the customer experience?


Listen to your customer

A common evil in our current society is listening to respond and not really understand what our interlocutor tells us. In addition to the individual level, it also applies to companies, which far from wanting to hear what their customers say, are too focused on what they think they have to offer.

However, as we will also see, the customer experience itself works in reverse of what we have known so far. If before we promoted the advantages of a product or service, today what interests the customer is what he can get from it and how it responds to his particular needs.

Active listening is not only a reliable source of top quality information that helps us to continuously improve as companies, but it is also an open door in the loyalty process, given that the client himself will directly or indirectly reveal to us what he needs. 


Personalize your services

Digital tools such as CRMs today allow us to obtain information from each of our clients. Profile segmentation is key if we want the communication to be personalized according to its characteristics, so that it can guarantee that the desired conversions are achieved.

Knowing their tastes, their history of interactions, the type of articles they need or the channels they use for communication is very valuable information. With it, a company can create a personalized customer experience that is part of the loyalty process. In a digitalized world, the human relationship and communication adapted to the needs are two aspects that are very present for a client when making decisions.


Present your values

Arousing emotions is key if we want a customer to identify with our brand. Therefore, the axis of any marketing campaign must take it into account. And how is it possible to connect with the feelings of a consumer in our time? To do this, you have to pay attention to where they put their interest, that is, where they spend their time.

Social networks are definitely the place where we all spend the most time during the day. The texts, although still important, have very little weight to capture attention. Since we are bombarded daily with information, the images have a greater impact, and if they are in movement, the recollection in our memory is facilitated.

Perhaps that is why videos are in first position in views and all social networks have adapted to include them. Therefore, video marketing is currently the most effective way to connect with consumers. But not just any video will do, it must be combined with storytelling. That is, tell a story that allows your client to feel identified and, at the same time, develop a bond with your brand. This will be what ultimately leads to loyalty.


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